Success and equality!

What is success?
Service and Equality!

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Success does not mean the same thing to everyone. So, with this fact in mind we must first identify the attributes of success for everyone. To determine what it is and what it is not. Then we may define success so that it covers every aspect of true or real success to everyone’s satisfaction.

Here we may name some objectives necessary for successful achievements:

1.To reach worthy goals
2.To be of good character
3.To solve our problems
4.To gain self-mastery
5.To win over adversity

Here are some counterfeit objectives that many consider factors of success.

1.To be superior
2.To be richer than others
3.To beat the other team
4.To be the most powerful
5.To be first and foremost

These are attitudes popularized in sports events and contests. Why is it there is a sense some sort of thrill of being better, superior, smarter and more powerful than others. Why is it so important for some to win or be above others? Why classify the last five as counterfeits of success?

For one thing they are not something everyone may attain together. There is no way there can be a win / win situation. The idea that everyone can not win is an old fable, a myth that has clouded over the real purpose of competition.

Competition was not really about superiority, it is about training and practicing skills as we train for mutual growth and development. The real purpose of competition is to help the weak become stronger, the unskilled to become more expert and efficient, each individual better and better than before. This is how we overcome inequality

So the motive and purpose is not to single out and reward the victor, as much as to perfect the skills and ability of those who seek to improve their skills and achieve more in an atmosphere of friendly compitition no more.

Success then is not about selfish motives and prideful possession. It is about inspiring, encouraging, teaching, and tutoring others to improve in performance and in the right spirit.

It is where the strong help the weak to be stronger, the more enlightened to lift another to greater understanding and service to others. It is for the wise to teach wisdom and knowledge, yes, and for those who have gained a degree of self-mastery to share that with others.

Failing to do this is the only way we can lose! Inequality is the sign of disunity, discord and failure in any dysfunctional society. So, when a society chooses a false standard or a counterfeit for successful achievements together, that society will fail. It is oneness and unity and not fame or sensationalism that wins the prize. It is the spirit of service and humility and not coveting and greed that magnifies the abundance in our lives.

We have been duped by the philosophies of evil designing persons who are able to exploit and enslave the multitudes, because the multitudes are divided by, incorrect standards and false principles, they follow hoping for success. Why else are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Simple because we are living by the wrong standards of success. Success can not be denied nor can it be withheld from anyone who cultivates the spirit of service.

The highest standard for success is found in spiritual and temporal equality achieved by serving one other! Whether rich or poor, when we serve with the right spirit and teach each others to do likewise, equality becomes a reality!


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