Central Park Golf Course Age 5 to 10

Everyone is a Winner:

Junior Inkster Golf Tour BC Creates Winners


You are a winner, as soon as you learn to think like a winner and feel like a winner, because then is when you behave like a winner.

Winning is not just about the score, or anything that puts anyone above or to be preferred above another. The trophies made of metal and thread are only a token of one’s level of performance, or one’s personal achievement in knowledge and skill. It is not a symbol of status or superiority as a person but as measure of achievement and progress.

We are all on this journey where we all make a difference were we can add to or detract form the happiness of others. This is the only thing that differentiates winners from losers. Winners are boosters and losers are critics. Unfair and unwanted critics are many, and boosters are few, and this is something we need to think about and to creatively change with care and carefully transform with loving encouragement and praise.

 Yes we have the trophies, but the trophy of metal and thread is not the real trophy. The real trophy is who you are and what you are now, that is what you really should hope and want to be.

These following participants have reached the winning circle obtaining a fair level in skill, knowledge and performance.

Girls Age 5 – 6

1: Anna Huang ( Van )
2: Emilia Lupynis ( Rich )
Boys Age 5 – 6

1: Jacob Yiu ( Van )
2: Janav Darar ( Van )
3: Jasper Wang ( Van )
Girls Age 7 – 8

1: Lucy Yuan ( Van )
2: Melinda Wang ( Rich )
3: Jessica Zhang ( Lngly )
Boys Age 7 – 8

1: Aaron Huang ( Van )
2: Kenneth Wang ( Van )
3: Ryan Burns ( Abb. )
Girls Age 9 – 10

1: Emily Zhang ( Van )Boys Age 9 – 10

1: Andy Duan ( Van )
2: Dawson Chen ( Rich )
3: Cecil Fai ( Van )

By Phillip L. Hansen 778-898-0237

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